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I loved a maid as white as winter with moonglow in her hair.

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What has caused you to hate men so much?


Funny you should ask! I’ll let you in on my origin story if you like?

Well, once upon a time I was your average, man-loving, non-opinionated, quiet, submissive, totally sexually available young woman. I loved the dudes. I can’t tell you how much I worshipped those blokes. I couldn’t even open a jar back then. Ah, the memories. I shied from the colour blue. I refused to step into a room that contained power tools. Football frightened me into week long seclusions. Don’t get me started on the horror beer brought on. 

And then, one night, I left my window open. It was hot, y’know? I probably shouldn’t have done it. 

But in flew the Misandry Fairy. She was magnificent. As she fluttered into my room she left a trail of glittering misogynist tears that sparkled like diamonds. She wore blood red especially smeary lipstick, the type that scares guys and makes them afraid of kissing you, to ward them off. She had beautifully hairy legs, hairy arms, and wore high waisted shorts (which we all know is the 2014 trend men hate). It wasn’t 2014 at the time, you understand, but she’s a fairy so I assume she looked into the future to find inspiration for her particular misandric look. She was also a lesbian. Because we all know how those lesbians hate men, right? 

"Claudia," she said to me. "It’s time to face your destiny. Inside of you is a burning misandric rage unlike anything the world has ever seen. When you wake up tomorrow, I want you opening jars left right and centre. Open so many jars that the men get jealous. Open so many jars that you and everyone around you are in danger of drowning in the contents. Keep on opening them. No matter what. Never give up." 

I was so shocked that I did not answer. It was the middle of the night and I was unaccustomed to being visited by such wise and noble beings. 

Before she left, she turned around in the air, her fluttering rainbow wings shining in the moonlight, and whispered: “Also, you’re queer. The Coming Out fairy was busy so I took his shift. Have a nice day.” 

The next morning I awoke and began to carry out my purpose. From that day on, men have trembled to see me. Occasionally they whimper “don’t let her near any jars for the love of God”, but most of the time they merely scatter as I enter any vicinity I please. 

I owe her everything. Without her, I would not be the woman I am today. 

This story is 100% true. You can quote me on it and everything. Never let anyone tell you fairies don’t exist. They do. And they’re raging misandrists. 


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i want to suck a dick


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Eren’s mom in snk had the same hair style as the mom in FMA.



She was doomed from the start.


Dead mother trending




Are you fuckin’ kidding me?



And so it continues.

The generic anime mom side ponytail.


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How Well Do Your Followers Know You?

Fill this out in my ask box! One point for every correct answer. Ten points total. I’ll reply with your total score!

First name:
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“The story about where volcanoes come from” 

This is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read about the creation of volcanoes 

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